More ever than often we find ourselves not knowing what to buy, and how to go about in doing so. We never know if the seizes are correct, and how to measure our hips tops or bottoms when shopping online.

In this section of our website we provide you with all the current trends on what's HOT and what's NOT, so that you know exactly what is right for you. We will also be sharing some fashion tips, and some ideas as well as reviews from an International point of view.​

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As we roll on into the summer of 2020 we need to re-look at what we have in our cupboards.


Fashion is like everything else in life: " Everything changes, yet everything stays the same."  BUT it's how trendy and current we are that counts for most men in todays day and age.


Gone are the days where you would use your shorts to swim in, run in and cycle in. We know need a pair of cycle shorts, a pair of gym shorts and then a separate pair of swim shorts (we hope).

The Metro-Male is about staying current and dressing the part without breaking the bank that is.

This summer you will get away with a funky pair of speedos (nope they have changed and yes they are more current than ever), or a pair of shorts that you can go to the shop with and roll up to go to the beach with (CODE 22). These are funky, fashionable and oh so HOT!

OR, you can go for a combined pair combo with a matching short and speedo to wear underneath. As you hit the beach, you drop the swim-shorts and you have a matching pair of speedos (2EROS). 



Most of our brands have casual shorts to chose from which you can either dress up or down, depending on the venue and the occasion.

Make a entrance with a decent pair of shorts which are tailored and designed to fit the shape of your body. Gone are the days of baggy shorts as that is so last season.

Why spend hours in the gym, if you end up hiding your Wednesday leg days under a baggy short?

Be brave, be bold but most of all authentic and do it in style.

2EROS has a great selection of the tailored shorts and you can even get a buckle belt to round off a decent outfit whilst you sip away on your cocktails and watch the sunset.


**July 15 by Peter Minkoff**

There’s nothing sexier for a girl (or guy) to see than a guy in underwear. And it doesn’t really matter how fit you are – if you choose the right underwear for yourself, you can make yourself one of the most wanted guys in your environment.


Since we’re on this subject, not all guys know how to boost their sex appeal with underwear. What is important? How to choose the right underwear? Where to get the best and highest quality underwear? Take a look as we will try to show you that it doesn’t matter what you’re packin’; it’s where you pack it.



First and foremost, choose the right size for yourself. The size of your underwear doesn’t depend on your package size but rather on your waist. Plenty of “gifted” guys tend to buy XL or XXL underwear, without realizing that this size refers to the waist size, not the penis size.


You can easily check the size online or contact the manufacturer but there is a universal size chart. Another thing to have in mind is that you should avoid very tight underwear, especially if you’re trying to have a baby.


Tight underwear can, in certain instances, lower your sperm count. However, make sure to ditch baggy boxers as they are not very fashionable at the moment.




And finally, never let the aesthetic of your underwear get in between you and underwear of the highest quality.


Know which brands to pay attention to, and which ones are worth the money that you’re going to spend. This being said, make sure that all of your underwear is in great condition – no holes or stretches are allowed.


By paying attention to the brand and the fabric, you will prolong the time until you’ll have to go buy new underwear once again. Moreover, if you want to go with organic and eco-friendly options, make sure to do thorough research and actually buy something that will last for a certain period of time.


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