Welcome to our exclusive page where we cater for men in all shapes and sizes, countries and for all ages.

We are one of the largest E-Commerce stores in South Africa and are continuously growing and expanding our product range to ensure you as our client have a wide variety of garments to choose from.

We offer five (5) EXCLUSIVE brands to the niche market; ADDICTED, E.S. COLLECTION, 2EROS, SUPAWEAR & WALKING JACK.

These brands cater specific for our clients needs and demands, and we trust that you will be as excited about the variety we offer, as we are in presenting it to you.


Our true signature range of diffusers, bath bombs, shower steamers, beard oil, Epsom Salt mixes for relaxation after as stressful day & our own branded flavoured candles in great masculine fragrances.

We are expanding our brand and product range in due course, so please feel free to subscribe to our website, and stay updated with all the latest trends.

For more info please email us on: info.chcollection@vodamail.co.za,

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