• Chris Heunis

Alexander COBB - Swimwear

Its almost summer and we cannot wait to unwind next to the pool with a cocktail in the one hand and a canape in the other.

Of course to complete the entire picture we have to wear decent quality, styled swimwear.

Alexander COBB has a great selection of styles to fit any shape and form this summer, so you can feel as comfortable as you should feel. Own it, wear it and be proud of that summer body you worked on so hard this winter.

Our shipment should arrive soon, and we will also include these on our exclusive range for the discerning gent or bachelor to wear proudly in style.

Our promise to you, is you will make the heads turn in your favor this season, when you purchase these exclusive and stylish swimwear.

Here is a glimpse of what you may expect, so keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to our newsletter.

We do accept backorders if clients are interested. For more info on this please email us on:

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