• Chris Heunis

E.S Collection's 15 Year Celebration - Legend

Since June is the month people celebrate Pride globally we would like to take the opportunity and thank E.S Collection for the quality and unique designs since inception 15 years ago.

May you grow from strength to strength!

E.S Collection celebrate their 15th Anniversary with the LEGEND campaign!

In 2006 they presented a new innovative brand to the gay world: ·ES· Collection was born!

Since the introduction, they really accelerated on the road to success, on which they have always been able to create exciting new collections, resulting in an ever-growing gathering of fans worldwide.

Their priority is investing in research, innovation, technology and development to create the b•ES•t fit, b•ES•t design and b•ES•t quality.

This is their biggest strength!

E.S Collection available exclusively in South Africa through CH Collection.

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