• Chris Heunis

Alexander COBB - 1st in South Africa

We all know that there is a huge demand for good quality, branded underwear in South Africa. Good news as we have introduced a superb high quality and exclusive brand to the South African market - Alexander COBB.

The brand is Scandinavian and we import all the way abroad to ensure that clients receive only the best they deserve. This brand is for the discerning gentleman / young executive who knows what he wants from life and knows that he is worth it.

Only two (2) months since the initial order and we are surprised to say the least in the demand and our turn over so far.

We are on our 3rd order and the stock is selling fashionably as most gents out there understand the true need and value in supporting their undercarriage with decent fabrics which is of high standard.

But wait there's more to come.......

Keep an eye out for our next blog!

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