• Chris Heunis

New Arrival - ADDICTED brand available in SA!!!

We are extremely proud to announce that the Addicted brand is now available in South Africa.

Most of our clients would know that the Addicted brand need no introduction.

The Addicted brand is known for their quality manufacturing, comfort, trendy, hip and funky styles. The brand caters for all events, whether it be clubbing, gym, shopping, swimming or any other social gatherings. They cater for everyone's mood or vibe.

CH Collection SA® has exclusive rights to import, stock, sell and distribute the Addicted brand in South Africa. All garments are imported directly from Addicted offices/warehouse based in Spain - Barcelona.

We only sell authenticated garments as each brand undergo several quality control tests prior to entering our warehouse. Once the garments pass the quality control tests they are then dispatched to the client/s by way of Courier.

For more info please email us on:,

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