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The question we ask our clients is simple but true.

Would you equip your Bentley, Benz, BMW, or Porsche with pirot parts? Then why do you equip your body with pirot “parts”?

There are so many people now a day, that import the so called “real deal” when it comes to garments, and especially underwear, and then end up selling it at a fraction of the retail price.

The problem with this is that these garments are imported from either China or Dubai and are not manufactured by the original brands. Some of the most popular FAKE branded underwear on the market; Calvin Klein, Aussie Bums, Addicted etc.

These garments are FAKE!!

How do you know this? It is simple, the minute that someone sells any underwear or garment at a much cheaper rate than the market rate they import it from cities as mentioned above and the mass produced whereupon they copy and paste the labels. The stitching is not done properly, and the fit makes the world of difference.

Penny wise, pound foolish.

Yes, in the short term you save money BUT the quality, finishing’s, fit, and workmanship are most definitely not on parr. Rather spend a little more and know that it is genuine.

If you are unsure on whether the garment is fake or not, you can simply contact the retailers who are supposed to design and manufacture and ask them if the person or entity you are purchasing from is a registered distributor or wholesaler in that country or region. Sometimes the supplier or manufacturer will also list that company or entity on their website as proof that they are indeed registered to up-sell in that state or country.

If not, you are wasting your money and people like us know when its fake or not.

We at CH Collection only stock genuine garments as we pride ourselves in service excellence and offer a money back guarantee on any garment purchased.

We have exclusive rights in South Africa to import, stock and re-sell any brand listed on our garment range.

Visit our website and look at which brands we import directly from the suppliers.

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