We are extremely proud to announce that we now also stock and distribute only the best skincare ranges available in South Africa.

As with everything we decided to roll out on one brand for now, and see where the market leads us, as we know that men now a day spend almost more than woman on beauty and skin products, 


Which is so Metro, and happening as there is nothing nicer than a guy that takes care of his skin and body all in one.


We hope our clients are just as excited as we are, as we have had a huge demand and requests from our existing clients to also introduce skincare to our current CH Collection online store.


Well have no fear, as we always listen to our clients, and have introduced the NEOSTRATA range to our online store.


For thosE of you who have never heard of the product range, here's a little more insight.




NeoStrata is a Dermatologist-Developed line of skin care products. It was founded in 1988 by a Dermatologist and a Dermatopharmacologist in Princeton, USA. The founding team is the original creators of the first Glycolic peel. they pioneered Alpha and Poly Hydroxy Acid formulations for safe at-home and in-office skin resurfacing.


Along with it, came hundreds of patented technologies that are still the bedrock of the company’s success today.

NeoStrata is dedicated to the advancement of skin care through research, innovation and the creation of new scientific molecules.


Their Hydroxy Acid formulations have stood the test of time in targeting key skin care concerns. These include ageing, pigmentation, acne, sensitivity and maintaining general skin health.

NeoStrata has had the privilege of being published in peer-reviewed Dermatology journals, the highest accolade any skincare company can achieve.



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